August 14, 2019

Added new features


I was doing more research on the competition. I identified a competitor that has a SSML Editor. I believe mine has a better UI and UX Design.

My SSML editor has easy insertions to add emphasises and breaks. The tags look like html that's why this feature is aimed to developers.

I decided to make a free version of my app to get more traffic. I made basic voices available to free non-registered users.

The free version is aimed to students. The quality of the voices is good enough to listen to their notes on the go. It provides a good productivity tool.

My aim is to monetise the free version adsense advertising.

Registered users get 1000 free characters to try on sign up.
Users have to recharge character balance to use premium quality voices. These voices sound more human.

The kind of users wanting premium voices would be developers working on app, smart devices etc. Also for making videos for commercial use, creating audiobooks and creating e-learning course content.

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