October 15, 2019

#420 all time on Product Hunt

Volkan Kaya @volkandkaya

There was a cool product on PH https://pragli.com/leaderboard-for-product-hunt, that shows the top 1000 PH launches by upvotes. We are currently 420 and I think we will keep climbing :)

We did our first PH launch with https://www.producthunt.com/posts/saas-pages, we had no audience and no customers.

We only spent 1 week on coding it and collecting images. I was also learning a new framework to code it in, so that could have been shortened.

We read the guides on Google, but we didn't maximise them either. They recommended spam twitting and that didn't feel right.

For the first hour PH admins decided not to list us, so I thought it was over for us. However I posted in some FB communities and on Indie Hackers, that helped get us upvotes to finally be put on the front page.

We started at the bottom and climbed slowly during the day, most big companies will get their initial push at the start and then slow down.

From PH we have got 25,000 visitors on the site. We now average 3k visitors a month with no extra work.

It built up credibility and I was invited to do a talk for https://www.saaswebsummit.com/ on SaaS landing pages

In the SaaS niche many people know of SaaS Pages and it has helped me book calls with experts.

We have a lot more ideas for engineering as marketing and hope to see it grow in general.

There are so many blog posts, newsletters and social media accounts, the one advantage we have as Indie Hackers is the ability to code and we should use it.

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