October 21, 2019

Baby steps. Really small baby steps.

Daniel Davis @tagawa

Been a while since a updated or spent a lot of time on VeryUkulele, but as of this month I've got 100 followers on Instagram and almost one order per month on the Etsy store (https://www.etsy.com/shop/VeryUkulele). I have 41 print-on-demand product designs there, so for the rest of this month I'm going to aim to create one a day to get to 50 by November.

I really need more sales to get a better idea of what products to focus on, so at the moment it's just about getting volume overall.

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    Very cute. Love how fun the product is! Congrats on the milestone and good luck!

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      Oh, I like that strategy - instead of looking at which items are selling, look at which types of people are doing the buying. Good idea, I'll give it a try. Thanks Shiva!