August 19, 2019

Taking on Marketing & PR helped post-launch lull

Jack Barham @jackbarham

After several years of building Vibecast between freelance work, I had the flexibility to create the product as and when I had time to work on it. The downside, however, no hard deadlines.

Once the product had launched, I posted on Facebook (my account) that I need help to get the message out to the press and wider audience.
It turns out I knew a PR professional with social media experience who started freelancing and looking for clients.

Jennie is considerable help, putting a plan of action together along with competitor analysis and a managed timeline within our first few meetings to get Vibecast featured in the press, podcasts, news and across social media.

Although PR & Marketing is still in the early stages of implementing a managed process, I'm forced to get the product in a 'marketable' state with hard deadlines. It's retrained my thinking from tweaking the product itself to making the product message more appealing to my userbase, which in turn leads to better product development.

From a budget point of view, I'm paying for this service via freelancing, so it's still very much an investment. I've held back on Facebook adverts and redirected my budget to PR & Marketing. Although the signups have slowed down, I’m already a lot more productive along with hitting deadlines as we've made the brand more appealing, and social media activity has increased. As someone who is playing the long-term game, I'm confident this is a wise investment.

Jennie has agreed to an hourly rate, and time spent on Vibecast is averaging one a day a week.

We're already in the process of securing partnerships, interviews and competitions, all of which I'll post on here as they're confirmed or published.

Although the outcome of taking on Marketing & PR is still in the early stages, from a solo founder and indy hacker point of view, the responsibility of someone who's sharing your product and vision to the world has increased my productivity and focus exponentially.

If you have even the smallest of budgets, I'd highly recommend doing something similar, as it does help once you've hit the lull after launching a product.

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