Finished the MVP

It took almost 2 weeks, but I'm finally done building the minimum viable product for Vibes.so. I worked mostly nights and weekends, and I coded the whole thing in using NextJS for Frontend and Python from the backend since that's what I'm the most comfortable with.

In hindsight, I've spent some extra time rewriting code because my initial idea for the architecture was wrong. But I'm excited to start talking to customers and onboarding them step by step.

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    You've done a great job in 2 weeks Vadim! I'm taking this as an example to start building beautiful websites like vibes.so.

    You say you used Next.js for frontend but my chrome extension says you've used Webflow?

    Also I've seen so many website have this sort of design as vibes.so have so how did you make this? Are those just Next.js components?

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      Hi Viktor, the Landing Page was built with Webflow using a template - it's not something unique. The App itself is built with NextJS and Python

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        So that’s why it seems like a lot of the other apps because it’s built with Webflow template?

        Is this template free and how is it called I want to use it?

        It’s probably this one https://webflow.com/templates/html/hyperion-startup-website-template

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    Hey, this is a great idea, and I can see it might be a really good fit for some kinds of businesses. My thing is 'services for self-published authors', and that's very much about being in the right communities and being part of conversations, and helping people without coming across as shilling. I've put my name down - hope to hear from you!

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    Congrats on the launch, I really like the landing (built with webflow?), fresh and clear design!

    Found one issue, check that the link in the footer for pricing goes to terms instead of pricing 😉

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      Yeah, I decided not to invest too many hours into the landing page and focus mostly on the product. Webflow makes it easy to do the stuff that I wanted to have like the pricing, the testimonials, etc.

      Thanks for the heads up! I fixed the links in the footer! Appreciate it <3

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    Hi Vadim. Congrats on the launch. I checked out your product. I'm a little confused and couldn't understand the difference between Vibes.so and social monitoring tools like Hootsuite!

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      I haven't used Hootsuite I must say, but from their homepage - Hootsuite is mostly planning posts and monitoring how your brand is doing. While vibes.so is made for Creators to be aware of what's happening in their community and engage people in conversations.

      So, for example imagine that you're a Podcaster - you want to know how the podcasting community is doing and spread the word about your own podcast. Your community is not exactly people who interact with your brand, but the community of pocasting as a whole. So you define the filters, the profiles that you want to be aware of and you start monitoring the vibes and participate in the discussions. You provide value to your audience by participating and by doing that you increase your social proof.

      Then you can start slowly capitalizing on the audience that you have built - you mention your Podcast, how people can sponsor you, offer discounts, asking for feedback etc. Not spamming in conversations though, but really providing them value with what you do.

      And as you've built your social proof with this community they have more trust in the value that you will bring - which in the end drives more sales.

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    Nice! Congratulations. Site looks great. Will look at giving it a test drive.

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