Got my first vidpop for Vidpops!

After many people saying "why does your website about the power of video testimonials not have a video testimonial on it?" I finally got one from one of my beta users!

It definitely adds some legitimacy.

I also made an affilliates scheme after someone suggested it on Twitter. So now, instead of needing a brand to be signed up already, anyone can go to vidpops.com/affiliates and film a video testimonial for a brand or company they love, and then share it via a unique link. If the company signs up the person who referred them gets a percentage of the revenue.

It's still early days and usage is lower than I'd hoped, but I have a couple of good pivot ideas ready if things don't improve.

If any indiehacker does want to try it out (there's a 30 day free trial), please go ahead. Use the invite code letmein.

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