Launched Vidpops for beta users

All my life I've regretted not being able to code, so last October when I discovered the no-code platform Bubble.io I was instantly hooked.

A few days after this revelation, I met a kind woman who runs a charity in the North of England which provides breaks, such as hotel stays, theatre tickets, or restaurant vouchers, for unpaid carers, usually those caring for sick family members.

She told me she often gets lovely messages from the carers about the experiences. We discussed how it would be amazing if they could send her short video testimonials which she could then share with the companies who donated the breaks.

Emboldened with my latest discovery, I told her I’d see what I could do.

Three months later, working on it evenings and weekends, I managed to overcome my feature-creep tendencies, and actually started asking friends to try it out.

Unfortunately I've broken the #1 rule of startups - validate before you build. I really didn't validate the idea beyond that one conversation. My personal belief is that video testimonials could be a powerful differentiator for many businesses, but that's just a theory.

So I'm adopting a scattergun approach to finding product-market fit. So far I've asked friends in the following markets to try it out:

  • two wedding photographers
  • a personal trainer
  • an events organiser
  • the original charity
  • a childminder
  • a yoga teacher
  • an Airbnb hosting company
  • an Instagram clothing business
  • a beautician

Of these only the personal trainer has actually started using it, but it's still early days. My plan is to see which markets work well and double-down on them.

I'm also looking for other ideas of markets to try it in, so would be grateful for suggestions. Any beta testers get a free account of course!

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