December 28, 2019

Convert Code to FlowChart- Productivity Solution

SHREEDHAR P @Shreedhar

The Intent of solution is when developers get code for peer-review or a developer in support/maintenance who gets maintenance ticket on code not authored by hi/her. In such situations combination of flowchart and code review will quicken the process of understanding the code logic.

Benefits :
Flowchart and code review will help Architects/ Senior developers guide junior consultants for quick turn around of changes to code by identifying sections in the code that need changes.

This automated approach helps in saving effort for Senior Developers, Architects in reviewing the code & also maintain the quality/ accuracy of code change

Helps in Code Complexity estimation using metrics such as code-comment ratio, DML statements used in the code

During code review, this tool can slice out / Extract all DML statements separately, this will be helpful during code review for SQL queries

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