October 21, 2020

20,000+ visitors in 5 months

Felix Wong @felix12777

5 months ago, I launched Virtual Mojito - a Notion page that showcased more than 70 Zoom alternatives. It is designed to help people navigate the best virtual event tool.

The product has changed tremendously. Thanks to the community.

Some major milestones and metrics worth mentioning:

  • An average of 4,500 unique visitors per month
  • Increased from 70 tools to 158 tools
  • 10 newsletter series delivered
  • More than 250 events listed

My tool stacks are completely #nocode. Including:

  • Notion - website and front-end design
  • Airtable - form and pipeline management
  • Zapier - workflow and approval process
  • Substack - newsletter and content
  • Bitly - CTA tracker and analytics
  • ImprovMX - custom mail

Throughout the journey, I have received a lot of feedback from the community. I am very happy to implement all your ideas into Virtual Mojito 2.0. This is a success for everyone who wants to make virtual events, remote work and online communities better. Thank you!

Today's Top Milestones
  • Started Acquisition Channel Experiments
    Here's our weekly update at our community for founders, Enter Network. 1) What did I work on last week? ✅ Put quite a bit of work into analyzing (the
  • Who needs a backend?
    My mac died with an uncommitted backend, so I decided to get rid of it completely! I've heard a lot about Firebase, but never had a chance to check it
  • Update 125: +3 customers
    1. What we worked on last week and how well did we achieve our goals? ✅ Added 3 new customers for +$149 ✅ 1 sales call with qualified lead 2. What we’
  • Launch Day
    I prepared a drip email automation for the course content, linked it to Gumroad, and added a webhook to invite buyers to the private Github repo. Laun