Over 60 Zoom alternatives on Notion!

“Let’s get a Mojito online!”... Sounds cool?

Hey community! I’m launching a No-code project on Notion: Virtual Mojito - A curated directory of 70+ tools for virtual events, webinars, mentorships, social gatherings, and Hackathons.

Super excited to create Virtual Mojito

I’ve been collecting video conferencing tools and verticalized options since the beginning of the pandemic. You’re going to see 3 things immediately:

🔍 Searchable list of tools for any virtual events
📆 Virtual event calendar (Update every week)
⚡ Bi-weekly newsletter about events, and resources

Plus coming soon
🍻 People-matching feature allows you to meet new people virtually

Excited to hear your feedback. I’m going to update the page anytime soon!


Virtual Mojito built with:
Notion / Fruition / ImprovMX / Airtable / Zapier / Substack / Giphy

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