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I’ve been collecting video conferencing tools and verticalized options since the beginning of the pandemic. πŸ” Searchable list of tools, πŸ“† Virtual event calendar, ⚑ Bi-weekly newsletter

October 21, 2020 20,000+ visitors in 5 months

5 months ago, I launched Virtual Mojito - a Notion page that showcased more than 70 Zoom alternatives. It is designed to help people navigate the best virtual event tool.

The product has changed tremendously. Thanks to the community.

Some major milestones and metrics worth mentioning:

  • An average of 4,500 unique visitors per month
  • Increased from 70 tools to 158 tools
  • 10 newsletter series delivered
  • More than 250 events listed

My tool stacks are completely #nocode. Including:

  • Notion - website and front-end design
  • Airtable - form and pipeline management
  • Zapier - workflow and approval process
  • Substack - newsletter and content
  • Bitly - CTA tracker and analytics
  • ImprovMX - custom mail

Throughout the journey, I have received a lot of feedback from the community. I am very happy to implement all your ideas into Virtual Mojito 2.0. This is a success for everyone who wants to make virtual events, remote work and online communities better. Thank you!

September 12, 2020 Reached 7th episode!

Where to find the right Zoom alternatives?

How can I stay in touch with the community virtually?

Why my virtual event has 0 participants?

I keep getting these questions early the year. It's frustrating. Because of that. I started Virtual Mojito to help the community navigate resources, trends, and the latest events.

In week 4 after I launched Virtual Mojito, I decided to add-on a newsletter digest every 2 weeks.

Can't believe I've been doing this thing months non-stop.

I am so grateful to cover stories and interview successful virtual experience influencers from Teooh, Run The World, Hopin, Rally, Moxie, Krew, and many more on the way.

You're invited to read and I can't wait to cover more exciting stories on

August 1, 2020 From 0 to the first 5,000 visitors + how I grow

This is how Virtual Mojito passed its first 30th day!!!

My side hustle journey from zero to the first 5,000. Can't believe I'm running this Nocode project on Notion.

I start with a simple assumption: "How can we help the community find the best alternative to Zoom?"

I realize that there are more and more verticalized options for meetings, seminars, hackathons, and social gatherings. Therefore, I indexed 70 tools based on research.

Vanity metrics:

  • Unique site visitors: 5,053
  • Social media: Unknown, don't care

Well, these metrics make me smile:

  • Newsletter subscribers: +51
  • New event listings: +48
  • New event tools: +7
  • Contributors: +14

What worked:

  • Started a bi-weekly newsletter in week 2 to summarize insights in this space
  • Repurpose newsletter content after D+2 across social media channels
  • Work with contributors one by one to understand their objectives
  • Scout new tools on Product Hunt, Twitter, and Indie Hackers

Can do better:

  • Make my content more interactive and distribute across various channels
  • Start a newsletter from the beginning and build a relationship with readers earlier
  • Install GA from day one (I did it in week 4)

What next?

Virtual Mojito Ver 1.1 is coming soon & your feedback will be part of the launch!

June 17, 2020 1,617 unique visitors in 72 hours+ vanity metrics

It's a backward review after Virtual Mojito launched

Virtual Mojito - a side project built with Notion that curate resources around virtual events...

Vanity Metrics Breakdown

πŸ‘ 14,135 impressions and 636 engagement on social media. LinkedIn and Twitter contributed 62%

🌎 1,617 unique visitors. The US and Hong Kong combined exceed 58%

πŸ˜‹ 12 new subscribers and 12 new listings

πŸš€ This is my no cost, minimal #startup journey:

  • It took me 12.5 hours to compile the database and combined Notion with other #Nocode tools (such as ImproveMX, Zapier, and Airtable)

  • Published on my personal social media, groups, Slack and listing sites

  • Interact with my followers every few hours and review the dashboard of Bitly and Cloudflare

πŸ™ How can I do better

  • The Substack capture field takes a few seconds to show up. I am considering to switch to Chilipepper

  • Call-to-action of the listing is not clear. Will try to better visualize through other Notion blocks

  • I will also try to create some related content. For example, 70+ Zoom alternatives; Top 10 virtual events in July, etc.

It is still a fun #nocode side project. I'll spend 2-3 hours a week on Virtual Mojito to excite you. thanks for reading!

June 3, 2020 Live on Product Hunt!

Last week I started a Nocode project Virtual Mojito from scratch.

We're on Product Hunt now! Excited to hear your feedback :)

Virtual Mojito is a curated directory where you can find over 70 tools for your next virtual events.

This is part of Day 2 of launch day. A lot of interesting metrics to be shared. Busy! Busy!

June 1, 2020 Over 60 Zoom alternatives on Notion!

β€œLet’s get a Mojito online!”... Sounds cool?

Hey community! I’m launching a No-code project on Notion: Virtual Mojito - A curated directory of 70+ tools for virtual events, webinars, mentorships, social gatherings, and Hackathons.

Super excited to create Virtual Mojito

I’ve been collecting video conferencing tools and verticalized options since the beginning of the pandemic. You’re going to see 3 things immediately:

πŸ” Searchable list of tools for any virtual events
πŸ“† Virtual event calendar (Update every week)
⚑ Bi-weekly newsletter about events, and resources

Plus coming soon
🍻 People-matching feature allows you to meet new people virtually

Excited to hear your feedback. I’m going to update the page anytime soon!


Virtual Mojito built with:
Notion / Fruition / ImprovMX / Airtable / Zapier / Substack / Giphy

I’ve been collecting video conferencing tools and verticalized options since the beginning of the pandemic. πŸ” Searchable list of tools, πŸ“† Virtual event calendar, ⚑ Bi-weekly newsletter