February 9, 2020

Post went viral on Reddit and got 40K users

HaKr @1hakr

Last week i was trying to find information on corona virus and its spread but as its distributed with different agencies, it was becoming difficult everyday to get a complete sense of whats happening. So i thought of building a website which aggregates the different sources of data and lets you stay on top of this global pandemic. It took me 24 hours to build and it now ready. I thought it will be very useful as i feel lot of us want to track this and stay vigilant. It has latest toll numbers for the Novel Coronavirus epidemic, see affected regions, stats, casualties and more. Its data is collected from WHO and other government agencies and updated everyday. I though this will be useful to people of Visa List and other who have some plans to travel, so i posted it on Reddit and it kind of went viral. I just thought it will be get more reach but oh boy, it went crazy.

First i posted a video of it and it made a comment on the link but it was hidden by their bot, after an hour and sending multiple messages to the mods, it got approved. Now things started looking good. Immediately it started pickup upvotes and comments. It reached 2k upvotes and after 2 hours everything stopped. I only realised this after an hour . It turns out my post was removed. I was dumbstruck but quickly messaged again to the mods. Fortunately, it was approved again.
After 19 hours, its around 23.5K upvotes and got me 40K users.



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