(Re)launch of Visitmotion

Back in 2018 I built an MVP for Visitmotion, a content discovery network that rewards publishers under a traffic exchange model, rather than under a more traditional CPC/CPM based advertising model.

In a nutshell, publishers submit their content to Visitmotion, and add a widget to their website which displays content from other publishers on the network. The more conversions a publisher sends through their widget, the more traffic they receive to their own content.

The concept certainly isn't 100% unique, and we're not the first network to offer a traffic exchange incentive to content publishers. Where Visitmotion aims to differ is in its content relevance and quality.

Despite having a solid MVP, shortly after initial launch, life took over and I was forced to shelve the product.

Over a year later, I’m happy to announce that Visitmotion has been relaunched, and ready to on-board publishers.

Our focus at the moment is on attracting our first publishers to the network. We plan on doing this in a number of ways, both traditional (blogging, social media) and experimental (supplemental products) in nature.

We plan on documenting our journey here, so stay tuned! 📻

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