December 5, 2019

Rebranding from UView to Viyo

Geoff Chan @geoffchan23

Things had been going really well. We were up to over 200 users and we felt that our product was stable and provided a lot of value. We were really excited about focusing on marketing our product. Then we got the wind knocked out of us. We received an email informing us that UView was trademarked. We considered our options and we decided that the best way to go would be to rebrand. It took almost two full days of brain storming, discussions, and research before we found Viyo. We both loved the name. It was a play off the word "video", the trademark wasn't taken, and the domain was available. We got to work designing the logo keeping a lot of the brand aesthetics that we had established with UView. When we finally stepped back to look at our new logo we were really excited and felt that we had actually taken a step forward.