December 6, 2019

Can't trash this idea!

Luca Faggianelli @lucaf

I periodically run an "ideas review", I just go over a kanban and move ideas into dead, on-hold, running, to-launch buckets and I rank them based on potential/interest. Parenthesis (it's emotional to look at past ideas and remember all the dreams you had about it, plans to make it a 1M$ company, business cases, ideas for the name, I may drop a tear, sigh).
Well sorry, all of this to say that the trip planning app was ranking very high in terms of potential and interest and I really felt an intergalactic as***ole ignoring it, probably it was envy towards other ideas I was working on. Mmm envy of myself, sounds crazy.
I spoke with my girlfriend (main supporter of the app) and some friends and all of them agreed that I needed to go forth.
I can't trash this idea!

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