January 9, 2020

New UI Released

Luca Faggianelli @lucaf

Some months ago I released Vjago MVP with a usable UI but honestly not a nice one. So I decided to give it a facelift and I also decided to design it mobile-first, as most of the users are using Vjago on mobile, considering it's a trip planning app, it makes sense! Here some of the changes:

🧭 Bottom navigation in the Trip page to navigate through Overview, Map and Photo Gallery (coming soon) pages

🗺️ New Trip Map page

↔️Horizontal scroll for My Trips in home page (Netflix-like)

✔️ Filter for My Trips in home page

The horizontal scroll layout is very handy on mobile and takes less than half a screen, allowing me to add more things in the home page, most likely I'll add the Explore Trips feature that lets the user search among the public trips from other users.

Take a look at https://app.vjago.com and let me know what you think!

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