December 5, 2019

Unexpected interest

Luca Faggianelli @lucaf

Honestly? I created this app (it didn't have a name yet) just for myself, with no intention to make it publicly available or dream to make a startup out of it.
So what happened? Well, I sent the link of the app to my friends to share my trip with them, that was a tech and cool answer to the question "Hey where the hell are you today?" and it was useful to keep my parents' calls to a minimum! All of these early adopters said immediately that it was a very useful app, they wanted to use it for their own trips, so they did.
They pushed me a lot to add features, thinking about a public release, etc. I was really excited that they liked it and found it useful, it was the first validation of the MVP, but on the other side I was working on another project to launch as a B2B startup, so I put the trip planning app aside.

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