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Collect user feedback easily is the only way to build a great product. We want to help everyone design better.

October 22, 2021 Users talk a lot about NPS. Ok we will test it.

These times, I talk more and more with users about the design thinking process. They focus immediately on the exploration phase and the process of collecting feedback with users. Lots of them also talk a lot about the Net Promotion Score. Indeed, this is a good and straightforward way to measure the user experience and collect qualitative feedback. So we are experimenting with working on a cool way to visualize the Net Promotion Score on évolt. I will design some concept this week and will test next week with some users. I will keep you in touch with this.

October 18, 2021 Change our creation file journey

Our app is a kind of app store with different apps. But we notice that a user came for one or two apps max. He didn't take time to discover the other tools. We used to have a page with all the app inside it. We decided a few days ago to change the user journey. Rather than display a full page of apps, we decided to filter the apps into categories and let the users go into those categories to pick the right app. We wanted to remove that feeling of mess. I don't know if it's the right choice for now, but I will keep you in touch on that subject.

October 16, 2021 Fresh start

We used to be a design agency in 2015. In 2018, we decided to switch from an agency and launch a product. We did a seed round of 500k€ to make that switch. We had a lot of ideas, too many ideas.

We wanted to change how we run a workshop with a kind of "Google home" for workshops, but building a tangible product is so hard (with just 500k€, you're dead in advance). So we made some prototypes, and we killed the project due to financial issues.

We also made a Sass platform to run a project following the design thinking methodology. An "app store" of design thinking with a dedicated app at each step of your project (persona, brainstorming, customer journey, and more). We launched on Product Hunt and, it was a success (product of the day and more than 2000 thousand freemium users in less than one week. So it was pretty promising, but we didn't sell anything online. But we sold a lot of premium licenses to B2B customers, big companies, most of the time (about 250k€ ARR).

A the same time, we face the whiteboard tsunami. It was pretty hard to be competitive with these tools that promise you to do pretty much anything with their product. But our early clients loved our product and decided to support us in our journey. We discussed a lot with them and discovered that they used and loved our brainstorming app by its simplicity and our survey app. We understood that they love to collect feedback from their employees and also clients.

Regarding this situation, we decided to focus on these two apps and make our customers happy. So, today our mission is to help everyone to get user feedback easily and get actionable results.

We know that a lot of product exists with this value proposition, but it's a shame that the feedback finishes on a google spreadsheet or an excel.
We want to fix this and help you play with your data and contextualize it in your user experience to help everyone in your team understand it and take action.

If you want to help us on this journey, you are welcome!


Collect user feedback easily is the only way to build a great product. We want to help everyone design better.