1st churned user Re-Subscribed!

Our third ever subscribed user churned in November.

They were subscribed to our basic plan, this gave them 5 drone video downloads per month. When early adopters quit their subscriptions it's a cause for concern, so we asked them the reason why.

This was their response: "we had a client project which required drone footage, the five videos in your basic plan covered our needs. We're now in post production editing the video and have no further need for drone footage at this time."

Last night this user resubscribed to the basic plan! A great feeling and this take the total revenue for this user to €138 over the past 5 months. Not amazing, but the total spend for customer acquisition was less than €10 - the price of the train ride to a free startup conference where we met them.

It's these small wins and milestones that keep us pushing forward!

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