Published our first client testimonial

We were really happy that today we could share our first official client testimonial (yes, from a Real, Paying client haha), and it was so great.

When reaching out to this client we didn't expect much more than getting a comment like "great service, will use again", but this person really took the time to explain why we were a great service for his business.

This is what was said:
“For us at Haaartland, who want to provide a different alternative, it’s important to express our Scandinavian roots. Nature, freedom, creativity, inclusion, togetherness, simplicity, community spirit - all of which we find in VReel’s videos. At the same time VReel are always helpful and friendly to work with.”

At first, we were a bit nervous to ask for a testimonial considering our product is new and have a few technical flaws, something which this specific client had also experienced. But as it turns out, all of our clients have been super understanding and supportive of the fact that we're an early stage start-up. This is a sign that once you get around to ask, people are actually a lot more understanding than you might think, and also happy to help out.

See the full testimonial post with video here:

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