Reached 1000 active monthly users

After launching version 2.0 of our stock drone video platform last month, we steadily increased active daily users via a number of channels.

• Paid social media campaigns to recruit drone pilots as contributors to the platform.
– Total spend: €100, Pilot signups: 30, Videos uploaded: 503 .
• Posting regular updates on co-founder's Linkedin pages documenting the release of the new version & inviting potential users to like our business page.
• Version 2.0 involved an update in architecture to facilitate SSR to help index and rank our site which is built as an SPA.
– We see an increase in visits from search and that we now rank higher for relevant search terms.

Exciting times ahead as we now shift our focus to converting users and start generating some sales and incomes.

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    Would you be interested in having a conversation? I am the founder of a video editing tool https://storycreatorapp.com/ it's dope. Check it out.

    I think we could do a thing where my users get your footage for a premium cost. Thoughts?

    1. 1

      Hi Michael, thanks for reaching out.

      Usually we license our API to platforms like yours for a fixed monthly fee, giving the users access to our full library, and then leave it up to you how you charge your users.

      Of course, we'd be open to hearing your proposal as well. Just email it over to [email protected] and we can take it from there!

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