Reached 5000 drone clips on our stock platform

Together with our community of about 50 active drone pilots we have during the last year grown our library of stock drone footage. Reaching 5000 clips is a huge goal as we grow in our value prop to video content creators.

We have mostly recruited our pilots through Social Media campaigns on facebook and instagram, but have also done direct outreach through LinkedIn and previous mentioned platforms to a high degree of success.

The biggest challenge was keeping the contributors motivated and getting them to consistently upload. We had a few rough months in the beginning where pilots signed up but didn't upload, and it turned out that the solution to this was to recruit more pilots. We have also pushed a strong feeling of community, engaging our active pilots in a facebook group where they share tips and experiences with one-another.

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    Your site looks nice but I'm a bit confused by the pricing. The plans seems to indicate you can download eg 5 videos/month, but on the individual videos it also lists 9.98 Euro with plan?

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      Thank you so much, happy you like it!

      Thanks for the feedback, and Good point. The plan price is if you're signed up with a monthly subscription/plan - 9,98€ is based on an Agency Pro subscription for example, where 499€ per month will give you 50 clips to download. I hope this makes sense :)

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    Congrats! I completely agree, facebook groups are a very valuable way to engage your current customers and increase the chances of them referring someone.

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      Thanks Shane! Totally!

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