January 21, 2020

100 emails registered!


The landing page for my upcoming Vue.js video course allows people to register their email to show interest in the course. I plan to send them an email when the course is nearing completion to get feedback and give them a discount on the course.

Prior to releasing the course, I'm making other content to improve my video production and instructor skills. As part of this, I'm releasing a weekly screencast, wher I talk about Vue.js. I've done two screencasts so far.

I post the video on Reddit and Twitter to share it. This week I got a ton of great feedback, which drove my total registered emails to over 100! You can see the thread here: https://www.reddit.com/r/vuejs/comments/equumw/video_article_separating_ui_and_business_logic_in/

I do plan to monetize my video content if it continues to be well received - I'm not too sure how to do this right now, though. I don't think a subscription service is the right way to go, though.

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