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I want that every product or service can have an opportunity to provide their customers a clean and comfy Product Docs, Knowledge Base, User Guides or Help Center

December 9, 2021 Wannadocs is LIVE on Product Hunt right now!

Wow! We can't believe – Wannadocs is LIVE on Product Hunt right now!

🎁 We’ve got an exclusive promo code for Product Hunters: PH2021

Send us the code in a chat and we will activate the free 2 months for your Knowledge Base. Code works only for new registrations and will be expired on 31st December 🎄

Your feedback and question are very appreciated!

November 29, 2021 Updated global search and default domain

Two small but beautiful updates were delivered!

Updated global search UI

For now you can quickly get a search modal window just press a hotkey “Cmd + K” on macOS or “Ctrl + K” on Windows/Linux OS. Modal window will provides you results from all your projects.


Also, you can navigate through the search results with keyboard arrows and open a page with an Enter button.

New default domain

All new projects will has a default domain name on a new domain – *.knowledge-base.io

BTW, we started posting all our updates in our Docs > Changelog
Stay tuned!

November 26, 2021 Updated pricing

Let us introduce to you an updated Wannadocs pricing!

Starter plan allows start to create documentation right now.
1 editor, 100 pages, 1GB uploads, multi-languages (sick!), support by email with reaction in 24 hours – just for $10/month!

Team plan designed specially for much bigger products.
5 editors, 500 pages, 10GB uploads, custom domain, analytics, integrations, access management, support by email with reaction in 24 hours – only for $30/month.

Enterprise plan contains all Wannadocs features + priority support with email and messengers, account manager, and opportunity to deploy a self-hosted version (on our or your premises). Contact our sales for more information!

November 15, 2021 Landing big update

We finally did it! New Wannadocs landing page was released successfully. For now, we present description 95% of our product features on the landing. Why only 95%? It's because 5% still in testing and will be delivered shortly!

🚀 Try it out!

Also, we have a great Demo Video!

September 29, 2021 4 new languages for your Knowledge Base

What a week, huh! (Captain, it's only Wednesday) :)

Earlier Wannadocs provides only English and Russian localization for knowledge bases.

Today were added 4 more languages:

  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese

🖖 Start your 14-days free trial today!

September 27, 2021 Wannadocs + Intercom

New integrations with Intercom were delivered last week.

Add Intercom Messenger to your Knowledge Base

For now, you can easily add an Intercom Messenger to your knowledge base through the Wannadocs Control Panel (Settings > Integrations). Just add here an Application ID and voilà!


Search Wannadocs articles inside Intercom Messenger

Wannadocs Application was successfully released at the Intercom Marketplace. Installing this application to your Intercom account allows your customers to search Wannadocs articles inside Intercom Messenger. Your support team also will be able to insert articles into chats!

Wannadocs App 1
Wannadocs App 1

😉 Install Wannadocs application at the Intercom Marketplace

September 10, 2021 New Default Theme

🌠 We’re so exciting to present you updates for a new default theme!

  • Faster then previous!
  • Completely refactored menu
  • Handy search popup window with instant results
  • Looks good on a desktop and mobile browsers as well!

🥰 You can try it on our Demo Knowledge Base

July 9, 2021 Wannadocs 2.0: New Features

UI updates

Workspace layout

Updated workspace layout has become more apparent now – the top navigation bar contains a dropdown for choosing the project, global search, and a user management menu. You will find your recent actions on the Dashboard page – pages which you edited, your drafts, and favorite articles.


On the left navigation menu are placed all tools for content management, analytics and project settings. Below you will see recent articles.

Content list

Content list is the heart of your Knowledge Base. Here you can find all variants and articles arranged in a clear page tree structure.


Article editor

Articles editor got many UI improvements. Our favorites are:

  • The secondary menu was converted to a sidebar
  • The “Export as PDF” button is in a good place now
  • Slug, SEO tags and other options was moved inside the “More” button


Access and Visibility Management

At last, access and visibility can be managed now. It allows you to hide the whole Knowledge Base from the Internet and use it privately only with your Team or restrict the access by password.


Private by default

All new articles are Private by default, which means that they are prohibited from search engines indexing until you will not allow them.


Global search

The Global Search now can search in all projects and variants at the same time.

Global search

Try it out!

May 10, 2021 Open Graph image generation on the fly

One day we thought that we're ready to share our experience. There we found a lot of insides. Let's start with one remarkable feature - Open Graph image generation on the fly with Ruby. The article is available in two languages:

October 10, 2020 Introduction post on the VC.ru

We got a positive reaction from Vas3k.club community to a post that we published four days ago and decided to go further and write a more significant article about our MVP on VC.ru. Most of its audience is skeptical, sarcastic, and sometimes writes very angry his principal opinion in comments. As a result, we got honest, straight feedback.


I want that every product or service can have an opportunity to provide their customers a clean and comfy Product Docs, Knowledge Base, User Guides or Help Center