August 1, 2020

B2B SaaS & made bobblehead trophies for customers

Collin @cowllin

We made bobblehead trophies. To celebrate the weekly winner of your team's trivia contest.

Here's why. And how.

Some highlights...

"At this point, we'd agreed to 300 trophies for $3.50 each, but we hadn't signed a contract or paid a single cent. So when Jonas sent through the mold images I was floored: this was actually happening."

"12 large, heavy boxes stacked neatly in the atrium. I didn't know how long the boxes had been there (I’d been out of town for over a week), but I was sure it'd confused my neighbors."

"Breaking 300 bobbleheads and re-gluing them in two different places with Gorilla Glue is not a quick one. My partner, my roommate, even my sister visiting New York all generously chipped in their time. In total, we spent about 30 hours fixing up the trophies."

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