November 30, 2020

Saved over $5130 for 4 charities in two months

Nakkeeran Raveendran @Nakkeeran

I started We Care Social three months ago to help charities build their websites for free on behalf of tech founders who support the cause.

So far I’ve been very thankful to work on behalf of founders to help 4 charities across India, UK and Netherlands and collectively helped save over $5130 for the charities by building their websites free of cost. The money saved on websites gets redirected to their core mission.

Currently in the process of signing up next four charities to help with their respective websites.

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    Awesome project, thanks for doing this!

    I volunteered as a DevOps & web developer for a local NGO and I believe that there are lots of opportunities for indie hackers in that space: non-profits often have overly expensive and complicated tech stacks. One of the best NGO-related SaaS'es that I've seen was Bloomerang, but it still felt dated, like something from 2010.

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      Thanks for the kind words and nice of you to volunteer as well. Really appreciate it.

      Let's not even get started on NGO saas tools I feel bad for NGOs who have had to go through struggle of using the tools.

      The first mission is to help charities with their websites for free and later on move to other digital tools which charities could use.

      I currently have the bandwidth to take on four more charity projects so if you know a charity which could benefit from a free website please let me know.

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    Hey this is cool, but I'm confused as to how exactly the founder is involved at all? What do you mean by "on behalf of"? Thanks!

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      Hey Levid, thanks for checking out the post and for the question.

      On the founders part, all the founders have to do is support We Care Social on social media (where we share the progress we make with the charities) and contribute $20/year. The contribution helps us continue our work with charities all year around.

      The model works somewhat like a 20/80 where the founders do the 20℅ work and we do the heavy lifting 80℅ . It's to make sure we don't suck up too much time of the founders while they work on their businesses and grow it.

      Happy to answer any follow up questions you may have.

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    Very Good news !
    I wonder what social network platform you're willing to use to get donation
    Thank you

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