October 13, 2019

Featured in 2 newsletters 😍 & other improvements

Kevin Peters @kevinpeters_

So first of all, this happened throughout the last week. I worked a bit on my personal blog. Layouting and more (will write later about it). Then I did several things for the most famous article of the blog:

📃 https://www.kevinpeters.net/auto-formatters-for-python

I added Google AdSense to my site and displayed a little advertisement in the article.

I cross-posted it to https://dev.to/, the blog can be found under the inline URL here.

Besides that I improved several Meta SEO things:

  • Added proper thumbnail for OpenGraph + Twitter Cards
  • Added custom "clickbaity" description and title

Then I submitted the article to the PyCoder’s Weekly and the Python Weekly newsletter. And it got included in both 🙌 Traffic spiked from around 50-100 users per day to a day with 1000 users. Let's see how this shows at the end of the month.