December 21, 2019

1000 Subscribers

Florin Pop @florinpop17

Just under a month to reach this goal! 😱

This is a pretty interesting goal because it is one of the two requirements a youtuber has to achieve before getting monetised on YouTube.

The other one is to have 4000 watch hours - which is much harder to achieve than 1k subs (in my opinion).

Also, I kept learning how YouTube works. Spent hours and hours daily watching a ton of YouTube tips&tricks videos which were helpful.
Still have a lot of things to improve. It's a work in progress...

By this time I also got a new microphone (AT2020+) which improved the quality of my audio - this being one of the most important things when creating a video. If the audio is bad people will most likely close the video.

The next big target is 4k watch hours or 5k subs.
Let's see which one will be first 😄!

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    Nice work Florin. I am reading this time line with enthusiasm as I am starting an exact journey this month. Have been postponing the first video like crazy. I have so many limiting beliefs that are keeping me away from posting.

    How did you build your emial list?