January 25, 2020

5000 Subscribers

Florin Pop @florinpop17

My initial goal was to hit 5k subscribers by the end of April, but I reached it 3 months earlier, so... This is crazy! 😱

The truth is that I've worked a lot in order to achieve this goal.
So far in 2020 I posted 25 videos (one video every single day) and I did 10 Live Streams = a total of 35 videos.

Next, I shared (almost) every single video on Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, Groups (FB, Discord, Slack). I tried to not be spammy, so I only posted in those groups which allowed.

I also did 3 collaborations (one of which boosted my channel with 1k subs in the last 2 days).

All in all, it was a crazy ride so far and the crazy will continue! 😃
See you at 10k (which was initially planned to be achieved by the end of June, but at this rate... I might get there sooner 😆)!

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