December 21, 2019

Posted first video

Florin Pop @florinpop17

I've been planning to create a YouTube video for a LONG time, but the support I got from my Twitter followers + a video I watched which said to "Create 100 crappy videos as other successful youtubers did when they started" - made me actually do it, so I DID!

I worked around 10 hours for a 4 minute video (which was INSANE 😆) - I had to learn how to edit a video, how to talk which coding, how to plan it out (which I didn't do very well, lol), but at the end I had my first video!

The audio was far from being perfect (I only had the microphone from the iPhone's headphones), but nevertheless I pressed the "PUBLISH" button and I'm VERY happy now that I did!

You can see the video here:

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