Reached 4000 watch time hours - Able to Monetize

This is a huge accomplishment for my YouTube Channel because it's one of the requirements in order to get monetized.

You need:

  • 1000 subscribers
  • 4000 watch time hours

I've been working hard to reach this milestone in just over 3 months (started on 7th November 2019).

What I've learned is that Live Streams help A LOT to achieve this goal. Some of my Live Streams got around 48 hours watch time just after I was finishing a 2 hour stream, so that's a 24x ROI.

Plus, the live streams will remain on the channel as recordings so people who missed it can rewatch them later.

The next step will be for YouTube to actually approve my channel to be monetised. I did my part, so now it's their turn 😆.

It won't be a lot of income, probably around $70-80 / month, but it's much more than the $0 I'm making now. 👍

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