This is, again, a side project

The good news for me is I got hired again, almost instantly. The bad news for this project is... it is a side project again.

I still love to tweak performance for websites and web apps. Squeezing every single millisecond from a database transaction is just addictive. But I'm not doing it on a daily basis anymore.

However, I'm sure the idea is good and there is a market out there, waiting for this product to see the light.

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    cool, do you plan on offering an english version of your site.

    under the hood are you using page speed or lighthouse?

    it would be also nice to get ping response time from different locations.

    1. 1

      Thank you Rishi,

      The idea is to have an independent website for the Web Speed Score service, in english. I guess the posts at rcruz.es must be translated and moved into its own new place. There are really good english web performance optimisation tips at https://web.dev/.

      Internally it uses PageSpeed, as Google API's free tier is huge. I really don't know if it's worth to move to Lighthouse if I ever reach the limit, I guess it may be cheap enough to pay Google to do it.

      Thank you four the ping suggestion! =)

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