October 21, 2020

Creating the Landing page using NextJS

Surjith S M ✪ @surjithctly

I decided to create the landing page for Web3Canvas using Next JS. With Zero React Experience 😂

I think it would be fun to learn something while doing.

Pro-tip: its not easy 😁

Sharing my process here on twitter:

Today's Top Milestones
  • 1st order of 101+ ways to get new customers online
    It's crazy because, I haven't pushed any marketing at all for this. I just simply added https://getrhys.com/101 to getrhys.com as a button. I wanted t
  • Multiavatar Web-App
    The Multiavatar Web-App is built around the Multiavatar Generator. First of all, it's an interface for users to find and save their favorite avatars.
  • Multiavatar Generator
    The Multiavatar Generator is a custom-built vanilla JavaScript avatar generator. It is free to use and open-source. From the beginning of the project,
  • Another Step Forward
    I wasn't going to create a landing page, now I'm creating social media accounts. You can follow Prodhunt on Twitter. I'm going to share daily chart-ra
  • First preorder 🎉
    I received my first preorder with barely any marketing. I haven't even shared it with my email list yet. It motivates me to finish up the course and i
  • Black Friday Promotion
    Added a black friday of 77% off all plans just for this long weekend. I've read a few SaaS blogs that reported that these promotions pumped up sales s
  • Launched on BetaList
    My first BetaList launch for the SaaS version of Scrapbook was very successful and surprisingly it's been driving sales for weeks after being featured
  • Added E2E encryption
    The end goal for invoice.build is to store the invoice data completely onchain. For that to happen the data will have to be stored in some kind of enc
  • Brand New Version! (homepage + checkout page)
    Take a good look at this page. ✨ It has just been put online. And it's the brand new version of Plant My Forest. The objective here is to better expla
  • Got 2 legit visitors on website & 1 DM on twitter
    I have started building in public. I have no audience on my personal account but I started building in public thread on my personal profile. I shared