November 20, 2019

The idea was born

Andrew Dear @TheThingCreator

I have something like 2 thousand bookmarks, I'm not a hoarder I just work hard and have a lot of online resources for the things I do. Ever since I started using a computer I've been dependent on the default functionality of the browser's bookmark manager. Now the problem is I have actually found myself become discouraged to save a bookmark for a number of reasons.

For one over the years I have lost thousands of valuable bookmarks. This is largely because no cloud service existed for bookmarks and if I had a failed hard-drive I'd loose everything. So when browsers started offering cloud-based bookmark saving I jumped on that right away.

To my dismay I quickly found out that the cloud solution on both Firefox and chrome suffer from major issues like things not going into the right order or bookmarks being not where I left them and this discouraged me to the point that I just turned the services off. I'd rather have no cloud solution than never know if the bookmark I saved actually is saved and saved in the right location.

So one day I'm sitting here at my desk with a highly valuable resource that I just found on reddit and I'm thinking to myself "do I even bother save this link right now". I won't have access to it from anywhere except this computer, it will be lost in a tool that I really don't care for anymore. And that's when it hit me, I should love my bookmark manager, there really needs to be something better. Something that's inspired by the current century.

Today's Top Milestones
  • New Brand!
    Hey IH, it's been a while since I last posted an update about Leave Me Alone. We've all had a pretty crazy year and I kind of dropped off social media
  • Open report November - $200k ARR
    ✅ $200k ARR 💰 MRR: $17,549 (+51%) 🤯 💵 Revenue: $21,129 (+69%) 😱 😀 Customer Count: 185 (+ 20%) 💔 Churn: 13 (vs 20) 👋 New Trial: 950 (vs 840 ) 🔎
  • Looks Like its Sadly Over 😢
    2020 has been a struggle but we got hit with another blow yesterday with the news that our main supplier has decided to close its doors and not supply
  • Hit 1k ⭐️ on GitHub
    We hit 1k stars ⭐️ on GitHub today. Not a goal per se but that's really cool. Even a bit unreal to me, as I never had a project which reached that mil
  • Got featured on a newsletter!
    Woo-hoo! Metronome got a mention in the December 3rd edition of the Podnews newsletter! Permalink:
  • Landing Page finalized is finally live. A big milestone for me to show the world the powerful tool. The magic here is, that visitors can directly see the
  • Started a Medium publication
    We created a Medium publication Brick by Brick as a way of sharing our engineering tips and insights to a broader au
  • SaaS Customer Support, with [SaaS Boss Episode 47]
    Today I interview Sarah Hatter and we talk about creating an excellent customer support experience for your SaaS. Sarah is the founder and CEO of CoSu
  • First Customer from Paid Campaigns!
    After launching a couple paid search campaigns we got the first attributed paying customer. The main keywords for my competitors are really expensive
  • Featured on BetaList
    Today's our first day really testing some eyeballs on our new product, Hashtag Slayer. After reading the acquisition channel report by @zerotousers wh