December 2, 2019

We got featured and trended on BetaList

Andrew Dear @TheThingCreator

BetaList is (if you're not already familiar with them) one of the biggest start up aggregates out there. They curate a daily list of high quality startups that are just launching. A lot of people follow BetaList so it meant a significant amount of publicity for us.

This was the first big traffic bump we got since the launch and helped grow our web-app by an extra couple hundred users within a few days. On the second day after being posted, we started trending and we were the first startup mentioned on the page for another day.

This exposure led us to getting reposted on several other mediums that also trended such as SteemHunt and a few others. Subsequently we got a lot of tweets (>40) mentioning WebCull's services as well as a couple blog posts.

We're very grateful for this validation and feedback from the public. It gives us motivation to continue building more great things for this product knowing that people appreciate it and see its value.

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