December 18, 2019

Released version 1.2.0

Veronika Rovnik @veronikaro

We reached another milestone 🌟

Now our users can enjoy:

  • An auto-calculation bar for checking calculations progress in real-time
  • Integration with TypeScript
  • Integration with Vue.js
  • Connection to JSON data from the Toolbar
  • Improved module dependencies
  • More localization options 🌎
  • Refreshed website's design
Today's Top Milestones
  • Launched on ProductHunt
    I just submitted the site to Product Hunt: I have zero experience with project launched and hence tried
  • Created accounts on all social media channels
    After finishing my MVP, I created accounts on: - Instagram - Twitter - TikTok - Facebook. I started creating posts on Instagram and got 40 followers a
  • Product Hunt Launch! Today's the day.
    After a year in Beta, fixing bugs, adding features and polishing the UX/UI, I finally launched a stable release of I added the non-fiction