December 5, 2019

Form Builder - a new addition to Webiny CMS


Build and host your forms the serverless way. Open-source, GraphQL API, available today!

A crucial part of most websites are forms. Be that simple contact forms, or more complex lead generation forms. Businesses rely on these forms to generate revenue, grow their user base and even handle payments. Forms are everywhere.

Introducing Webiny Serverless Form Builder

With Webiny we want to empower developers to create serverless applications by providing a foundation, processes and ready-made apps. The Form Builder is one of those apps.

Like all other Webiny CMS apps, the Form Builder is designed to be deployed into a serverless environment. At the moment Webiny supports AWS, but the support for other cloud vendors is coming in 2020.

We launched Webiny Form Builder on Product Hunt today โ€” The whole team is there at the moment and happy to answer any questions. We would appreciate it if you would support our launch.

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