November 5, 2019

Launched 6 months ago, just closed a $348k seed


I'm happy to share with the community the news we have closed our first seed round.

I want to share our story about the last 6 months and how we managed to get to an investment for an open-source project. Webiny is a CMS for serverless web development, it's completely free and open-source.

We first launched in May this year on ProductHunt. (launch campaign link:

It took us a few days to prep for the campaign. We mainly followed guides and tips from the internet. With the help of a great hunter who hunted our project, we managed to get a decent number of upvotes early in the day. Then over time, we climbed as more and more users came online. We were #1 for maybe 90% of the day. Due to the algorithm that PH uses, and how it tracks the trends, we actually finished in the second place. Although we had more upvotes :) This was just the beginning.

The traffic generated from PH was significant (at least for us). On the first day we gained close to 400 beta users on our site, and close to 300 stars on our GitHub.

Later in the same week, someone shared Webiny on HackerNews. I believe it was a Sunday, so the traffic was lower than usual. We still managed to stay on the trending page for almost the full day, which also sent a great number of users to the site.

In about a month after the launch, we had close to ~1000 beta users and ~900 stars on GitHub. Note that we didn't do any marketing of paid activities, we shared links to Webiny on probably 5 or 6 portals and that's it.

After our initial launch campaign, we started blogging on HackerNoon. One of the articles received more than 20k views, which helped us grow even further.

Starting April/May we started to approach investors. We got into the final rounds at YCombinator, SeedCamp, 360 Accelerator, TechStars and a few others. In parallel to that, we discussed an investment opportunity with 4 different investors. Mostly London based, as that's where we are located. Towards the end of June, conversations got quite far with one of them. We finally closed the full round in September and announced it last week.

Read more about our investor and the funding on our blog:

If you ask me what are the main reasons for our growth and eventually closing the investment - I would say it's a combination of the team, market timing and execution.

This is also an interesting read from our investors on why they invested in us:

Our product fully aligned with a new and expanding market. The investors saw that and our potential to execute in such an environment.

Now our goal is to deliver on our mission. We want Webiny to become the foundation behind every serverless application.

If you are a developer, give Webiny a spin and let us know what you think. We are also welcoming any contributors ( and have some free SWAG to give away ( .

Happy hacking!

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