January 18, 2020

10k websites using WebsiteVoice audio widget


On the 5th of January last year we launched the first free version of WebsiteVoice blogs to audio real-time widget. A user can listen to a WaveNet generated Audio from a blog article. We have worked hard for a year and we are very happy with the result.

We have added several features requested by bloggers, newspapers and various content publishers and niches online. Users now can download full audios, more than 30 languages are now supported. We tremendously improved the efficiency and speed of the realtime plays.

We have also started powering some very big news websites and started offering premium features which enables publishers to achieve higher values and have lots of widget customisations.

What did we learn?

  1. We learnt that listening to our customers and understanding their needs help us shape a better product for everyone.

  2. We learnt that our business model needed improvements and we spent lots of time improving the widget subscriptions.

  3. We have done lots of work on top of tacotron2 to have alternative solutions than WaveNet, we found that the project is delightful.

  4. We found that many websites need the widget but they have no developer to install it so we are still trying to figure out options for these publishers to use the widget.

Our next milestone is 100,000 website installations and more features to help our audience enjoy a lovely audio experience while busy or commuting!

If you have a blog, you should power it with our play button, the free version is good enough to help your audience tune in!


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