October 13, 2019

🚀 Launched!

Adam Greenough @adamgreenough

Webwide launched on October 5th after reaching 200 subscribers on our pre-launch mailing list.

We had been collecting email sign-ups while building out the platform for approximately 2 weeks beforehand.

Around 100 of the newsletter sign-ups went on to create an account.

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    Awesome stuff it looks really nice! What way do you plan on bringing revenue in, if any plans?

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      Thanks! Currently users have the option to support with a monthly subscription of <$2. Running costs are fairly low and I enjoy running it as a passion project.

      There's no plans to run 3rd-party ads but future revenue options include a sort of featured classifieds system like dev.to use and sponsorships with some respectful light advertising.

Today's Top Milestones
  • Came up with the idea
    So this is a problem I have had for a long time: A simple, minimal tool to organise all of the information I care about (links, texts, articles, ...)
  • Came up with the idea
    So the idea of this project is to allow people to monitor a specific Twitter account. So they will be notified of any specific tweet (e.g. if some key
  • Open Beta 🧵
    After MVP and quick validation across friends and family, now it is open to everyone! You can use it as much as you want for free, while in beta. Afte
  • 1 subscriber after 2 of days of List Building!
    Yeah, I know, "what's the big deal?". Before just throwing it out there, I wasted 2 weeks on "perfecting it". And guess how many subs I got for 2 week
  • Started the first Season of MW!
    Today, I'm launching the first two episodes of Maker's Way first season. The 'Pilot' episode covers how I made $29.156 with a blockchain online course
  • Set up the landing page
    While I’m still designing the website I’ll use for it, I created a ConvertKit account and landing page. Lovelicons.com now points to that landing page