October 18, 2019

Acquired first 4 users for Week of Movies


Mentioned Week of Movies on a local slack channel and another online forum and acquired my first four users yesterday. :)

Week of Movies is an email list for TV viewers in the UK. If you sign up, you'll receive a simple text file containing an alphabetical list of movies to be shown on TV the following week, along with descriptions of the movies, dates and showtimes.

You can sign up here:

An example of what you'll receive when you sign up can be downloaded here:

The idea grew out of my frustration with navigating through slow, advert-laden websites in order to discover what movies were on the following week. Eventually I sat down and wrote a Python 3 script to scrape the TV listings for the following week, extract all the movie listings and sort them into order. I figured this might be something other people might be interested in and - lo! - Week of Movies was born.