October 14, 2019

First paying customer :D

Charlie Ward @charlierward

Today we received our first paying customer for Weekend Club, at a £25 per month subscription.

The beta programme has a maximum of 20 people for the period of November-January, with 6x managed events in that time, Slack access and more.

I'll provide a more detailed update on how the soft launch goes soon, but I just wanted to make a note of this milestone.

I've never had a paying subscriber for anything before, so I'm very happy with this :D

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    Congrats charlie - the 1st one is the hardest ;) best of luck

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      Thank you, got to 7 paying customers!

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    Congrats Charlie. How do you find your target customers?

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      I'll share a more detailed post, but I essentially built an audience before I built a product. I spent a year growing the IndieBeers meetup in London to ~350 members (roughly 40 attendees at each event).

      At the time, I was just trying to meet people and do something good for our local community. It was only much later I thought 'why not try and make a product/business that helps the community in other ways.'

      I arrived at Weekend Club by asking attendees what unmet needs they had as London Indie Hackers. Something that kept coming back was making it easier to work together IRL. From there, I manually recruited my first 15-20 users basically.

      My hope is that if I make the customer experience good enough, it'll start to scale beyond that.

      Not sure the above approach translates to every situation / product, but it worked for me.

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        That's great! Thanks for the insightful reply.

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    Congrats Charlie. Now coming to the harder of the hardest, and that is keeping your paying users, and satisfying them enough so they bring you new paying users. Keep rocking 💪

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      I know right, the pressure's on!

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    Congrats Charlie. Looking forward for your more detailed about the soft launch you have mentioned.

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      Thanks! I'm planning to share by this weekend.

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    Congrats dude. You should write about how you did it. I am sure that will give you even more exposure. I know I would love it and I am sure many others too.

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      Will do later on in the week when the dust has settled a bit. Did the soft launch today and got a bigger one from Wednesday onwards, so hoping to hit a target of ~20 soon.

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        Look forward to reading the learnings and story of how Weekend Club started!

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          I'll try and draft something worthy of the interest!

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    Congrats! I would love to hear the followup. The journey to get the word out is so difficult and it's always enlightening to see how you got the customer, especially if you haven't spent a ton of advertising dollars or had any word of mouth.

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      Yup once the dust has settled this week I'll summarise what happened. Aiming for 20 beta users.

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      Thanks Shiva, appreciated.