September 16, 2019

Hosted the first Weekend Club

Charlie Ward @charlierward

Some of you may know I started a London-based pub meetup for Indie Hackers called IndieBeers, which I've done nearly every month since September 2018.

On October 5th we ran an experiment to help the community work together more IRL, on the weekend. It's called... Weekend Club.

After 30 email sign-ups, 15 Indie Hackers / Makers / Weekenders gathered at Ministry of Startups in Whitechapel from 10am - 7pm. (Massive shoutout to the MoS founder - Ben Davies)

We had a full day of building, shipping, + generally helping each other solve problems. 🤟

I've said elsewhere, but it's worth saying again: these aren't hackathons, or even regular co-working sessions.

It's a community of likeminded people supporting each other and getting shit done.

IRL. On the weekend. Shipping their own products.

The first one was intended as an experiment to gauge interest and gather feedback, which I thought I'd share here.

Putting my user research hat on: we had 13 respondents to this survey, out of 14 attendees. So I'm confident these results are representative.

What people most liked about Weekend Club:

🛠️ Working with other Indie Hackers
🚨 'Get shit done atmosphere'
🌿 Nice working environment

Frequency people want to attend Weekend Club:

🤔 7.7% Ad hoc
😺 15.4% monthly
😸 38.5% 2-3 times per month
😱 38.5% weekly(!)

Suggested improvements to future Weekend Clubs were (great) ideas around:

🎶 Background music
🤼‍♂️ More structure around collaboration
🍕 Lunch options
⌨️ Keep the Slack going between sessions
🖥️ Screens to connect to laptops
💪 Increased accountability to get shit done

We also landed a promising Net Promoter Score of ~69. (Nice!) Best in class is ~75. Room to grow, but a strong start.

For those unfamiliar with NPS scores, basically 69% of our respondents rated us as 9/10 or 10/10 in likelihood to tell others about it.

Next steps:

  • define the beta programme running November - Jan (capped at 15 people)
  • create a subscription and method to receive payments
  • plan marketing rollout

Happy to answer any questions! Very excited about what's coming next. I'll have another update in the coming week.

Today's Top Milestones
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