Pivoted Weekend Club to fully remote 👀

Weekend Club (weekendclub.co) was an IRL Saturday meetup for Indie Hackers to work on their projects together, and things were going great. Then COVID-19 hit.

I had two options. Roll over and die, or figure things out. As you've probably guessed, I chose the latter.

Here's what I've done so far:

📉 Lowered prices for existing members.
🧠 Changed our positioning ('Work IRL with other Indie Hackers' ->>> 'The #1 accountability community for Indie Hackers & solo entrepreneurs.'
🔥 Went from every 2 weeks to weekly sessions (if we go back to IRL, this might return to every 2 weeks).
☁️ Revised the format to be fully focused on Zoom and Slack (runs 10am-6pm BST on Saturdays).
🤼 Added 'productivity buddies' - each member is randomly matched with another member for a 1:1 video call to hold each other accountable.
🖋 Revised the landing page with testimonials, new headlines and social proof (showing some of our member projects) - thanks for the help Olly (from RoastMyLandingPage.com).
🤯 Added deals. You can now get 50% off VanillaSocial.co and striqopodcast.com/launch

The results so far:

📈 Net increase of 7 subscribers (44% increase, from 16-23).
📉 Slight decrease in MRR from $500 -> $488 due to lowering prices. However if some free trials convert, it should be just under $600.
❓ Landing page conversion rate seems higher, but too early to tell. I'll update you :D

Overall, I'm happy with the progress, but much more to do.

The next steps are to optimise the landing page better for mobile, improve our onboarding process, and adapt the customer experience so people feel even more accountability.

Want to sign-up? Go here 👉 weekendclub.co 👈

Any questions? Let me know in the comments 👇

  1. 2

    Really great handling of the situation, good luck!

    1. 1

      Thanks Daniel. By no means did I do things perfectly, but it could've gone worse for sure.

  2. 2

    What tools are you using to keep everyone in sync? I think I will join it!

    1. 1

      Great - I just saw you sign up Esteban. Will drop you an email now.

      We use Slack and Zoom to keep ourselves in sync. Occasionally Remo.co too.

      1. 2

        Got your email! Let me get my MVP ready before I start, feel like we need to have it ready to benefit from the feedback. As things are now it seems we are going live in 2 weeks. Not a big fan of Zoom, but Slack sounds great.

        1. 1

          Hey Esteban. Not every member has an MVP yet, but if you'd prefer to finish that first totally cool. Hope to see you in the clubhouse soon :)

  3. 1

    How is veed.io a recent Weekend Club ships?

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