December 2, 2019

Our Newsletter Evolved Into A Platform

Ian Grabill @igrabes

I wrote the linked post looking for feedback, but consolidating it all here under the same product.

The short of it is that I started with the newsletter which I wrote about here ( From that I saw decent traction and wanted to build something with more of a recurring experience and a community. Initially I had thought I could send out a daily newsletter, as there are at least 3-4 new apps published to the app store every day. That felt too noisy and realistically wasn't going to provide the value that I wanted.

Around the same time as thinking through the next steps, I had listened to the Indiehackers podcast with Mubs of Podhunt and the wheels started turning. I realized I could apply the same Product Hunt concept to the newsletter. So I did and I launched something called Shopify Hunt. I posted about it in the linked article looking for feedback from IH. Most of the feedback I received was positive with the consistently negative feedback being that I would run into issue with the Shopify trademark. This is something that is on my mind and plan to change it.

Next up is driving app developers and merchants to the platform, building out the next set of features and trying to generate some revenue via ads/sponsorships.

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