December 23, 2019

Rebranded and Launched App Pages

Ian Grabill @igrabes

Immediately after launching the platform and providing basic voting functionality, I quickly realized that this was the right path to go. We saw returning users, Shopify App developers loved the idea and this would be a path towards a sustainable business model.

By giving users a platform to comeback to, we would be able to build a community and drive more engagement.

In order to do that , the next two things on my list were to rebrand (needed to get away from Shopify trademark) and to build out the App Detail pages.


I had mixed feelings on rebranding. I love the name ShopifyHunt, but also realized that if this thing was going to be successful I would need to change it eventually. Shopify has a different mentality around the reuse of their name. For example there are extremely popular Unofficial Facebook Shopify Groups and podcasts. There is a chance that it wouldn't have been an issue, but I found myself spending too much time thinking about it, which was a distraction that I didn't need.

So I decided to bite the bullet and change the name to (btw this was a name recommendation from another IH user).

In hindsight I am glad I did this now. It was a distraction and ultimately would have been more of a PITA if I had waited.

Shopify App Detail Pages:

These came out great and provided an almost immediate 2X increase in pageviews (Example here: This is due to the ability to share a custom URL and social sharing right from the page. Now all promotion that Huntify offers will drive traffic to the App's custom page.

These pages are going to act as a the foundation for all future improvements. I have a lot of ideas on how to improve these pages.

Some of those are:

  • Allow merchants to follow app developers apps
  • Chat with followers on App page
  • Let app developers send updates to their followers
  • Give app developers deeper app analytics (ranking, review changes, etc)

This is a 2 sided community with the obvious chicken-egg issue. My goal was to solve that by getting App Developers listing their apps and then start working on driving merchant traffic. That will be a big next step for me.

Next up for me:

  • Automating more operations
  • Market more to drive marketing packages ($$$$)
  • Spread the word on merchant channels (Reddit, Shopify, Fb Groups)