October 16, 2019

First notes on what would become Welcome Aboard

Ibrahim Cisse @ibrakadabra

In July 31 2015 - I started to put some notes on some side ideas : Here the exact notes from that time :

Title: Find a job really meant for you.

Today, it's harder an harder to find the right profiles, a lot of them are already employed, and the one people are looking for are considered as passive candidates. Those passive candidates have some patterns : They're not actively looking for a job, will change for something they really care about, and they won't apply to any companies. In the other hand some companies tend to be late in adjusting their way of hiring people, still post classic jobs descriptions, receive tons of non qualified applications, spend time screening ...

A new platform is needed, to truly reflect your passions and your skills, link them with companies that are looking for people with real passion, skills. Increase talent pool for companies, and improve the matching between those two words. Way too disconnected as of today.

Companies need tools to attract people, go beyond the job descriptions, they need to work on the brand attractiveness which plays a lot in the decision of applying, They need help to get their message in front of the right people, they need getting in touch and establish contacts with those people.

On the other hand candidates, needs help to define and tailor their wishes, define their skills, and find opportunities they really care about beyond their resumes. Some finance people are passionate by sports, some marketers by music, some engineers by hiking, .. our job would be to link those two for candidates to explore opportunities they really care about. The goal would be to put in front of the candidates jobs descriptions, videos, announcement via linkedin, instagram, blogs, twitter that are related to their life, their envies, ... It has to be also easier for them to show their accomplishments, their passions, their notes, ...one way videos, ...

Today's Top Milestones
  • Came up with the idea
    So this is a problem I have had for a long time: A simple, minimal tool to organise all of the information I care about (links, texts, articles, ...)
  • Came up with the idea
    So the idea of this project is to allow people to monitor a specific Twitter account. So they will be notified of any specific tweet (e.g. if some key
  • Open Beta 🧵
    After MVP and quick validation across friends and family, now it is open to everyone! You can use it as much as you want for free, while in beta. Afte
  • 1 subscriber after 2 of days of List Building!
    Yeah, I know, "what's the big deal?". Before just throwing it out there, I wasted 2 weeks on "perfecting it". And guess how many subs I got for 2 week
  • Started the first Season of MW!
    Today, I'm launching the first two episodes of Maker's Way first season. The 'Pilot' episode covers how I made $29.156 with a blockchain online course
  • Set up the landing page
    While I’m still designing the website I’ll use for it, I created a ConvertKit account and landing page. Lovelicons.com now points to that landing page