August 28, 2019

Start Werbot!

Dmitry Shurco @shurco

We are developing a SaaS platform that allows the secure sharing of pseudo-access to servers among employees or freelancers without worrying about server security. Our platform allows safe storage of original access in one place for the purpose of controlling the work performed by employees on servers, auditing their work, and controlling the overall security of the system.

Every server owner using Werbot will know exactly who has access to the server, what each user is doing, and when they are doing it, simply by viewing the screen records. The owner can grant or deny access in a few seconds. The server access password is known only to its owner, while employees can only log in using the access provided by Werbot.

All of the solutions that exist on the market today (Fortinet, CyberArk, Fodo Pam, Fudo Session Recorder, Priv) are difficult to operate, expensive to install, and have limited functionality. These limitations mean that only big companies can afford to use them.

By reducing cost and complexity, Werbot removes the obstacles that stand in the way of many organizations adopting the best available server monitoring and management solution.

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