December 9, 2019

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Adrian Oprea @oprearocks

Slow and tedious progress, mostly done via my personal LinkedIn account.

I've been doing a sort of progress posts on LinkedIn and have kept the platform's supporters informed via that channel. Besides Twitter, which hasn't yet proved to be that effective, I've never went outside LinkedIn with those posts.

One of the biggest mistakes I did was not bringing my co-founder and long-time friend Cristi on board to help me with the technical challenges. This meant that I had less time to focus on communicating with remote professionals and representatives of companies who hire remote professionals.

One thing I learned during this period was to focus on the people who are already convinced and stop trying to convince the skeptics and the doubters.

To paraphrase one quote I found on the web during:

"It's easier to convince someone to use your product as an alternative to something they're already using. It's a lot harder to be the first one to convince them they need a product like yours in the first place."

Next goal: Aiming for that 2000 mark — that's when we plan on starting to monetize the platform and one of the plans is to put more effort into communicating with our users and in growing the blog as we received a lot of requests for guidance in adopting remote work both as a professional and as a company.

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