January 13, 2020

🦙 New logo, New theme, and 1200 New Subscriber

Saeed Ezzati @markopolo

Since my last update 17 days ago, I have been working on a few new features for https://wfh.team

  • (New?) logo: Until now WFH logo was basically its name. I finally designed a new logo. I wanted it to be simple, preferably an animal and not necessarily directly related to the product. So I ended up going with a Llama 🦙!
  • New theme: I've been getting both positive and negative feedback about the theme since day one. So I finally updated my colors. The new theme is more readable in dark mode and has fewer colors. Also, the website now listens to your OS dark mode status (prefers-color-scheme) and will load the theme according to that. (Unless you change the dark mode on the website) 🌒
  • 1200 New Subscribers: Last time I posted a milestone, I had 2814 subscribers. Today I have 4030 subscribers. That's almost 70 new subscribers a day. 🎉
  • New pages: I have also added two new sections to the website. Companies and Resources. Companies section is where you can find the list of more 1000 remote companies. The Resources section is currently empty, but hopefully, soon it will be where you can find different tools, materials, gears, guides, and products that can help you have a better experience as a remote worker. Both sections are currently live and open to the public.

If you are working on a product that can help remote workers, please feel free to add it to the Resource section. It's completely FREE.

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